Kitschton Hunolula (kitschtheory) wrote,
Kitschton Hunolula

The one with the moths in the tummy.

It's tomorrow!
It's tomorrow!

I'm so freaking nervous. I wanna bring mashi. Can I bring mashi on a leash? Pls say I can. *sniff sniff*

Today I changed my clothes in the dark.
I was nude in the dark.
I was putting on my pajamas in the dark and snubbed my toe with my bookcase.
The bookcase is white. Go figure.
I need to change my flickering room light before I ended up abused with bruises from my own clumsiness.

On a slightly funny note, I was early to class today. So it was just me and the lecturer who kept saying air-bow instead of above.
"Good evening Hani. Come take your notes Hani."
It's time like this I wish my name is somewhat ... not so friendly.

Tags: goosebumps
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