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The one with the surrealistic approach ...

I love a good storytelling in videos. Great visuals astound me. Maybe that explains the habit of staring at things. Not out to make problems but to appreaciate the beauty of it.

"Tonight Tonight" is an astounding piece of storytelling in video. It depicts what dreams are made of. Well my dreams of course.

The beauty of love in a school play.

I finally managed to get my lazy ass off and went to the core shopping area of my "town" as someone always say (COUNTRY) to catch the Dali exhibition at the Opera Gallery.

We were psyched but sleepy. That day being a Saturday and having to go to class at 9am in the morning is not a good way to start a weekend. But there we were, with out heavy bags, dragging our feets with a full stomach of sinful food. 
And Lo Behold!

I've always like Dali. And the fact that he create pieces by getting himself hallucinated. Surrealism artworks capture my gaze more than any artworks ever will. I'm not a lover of portraits, minimalism, or any others (except for the labyrinth works of Keith Haring). But surrealism, now that I love.

There's so many possibilities that you can let your mind wander to the impossibility.

Les Amants [The lovers], Rene Magritte

La Mariee, Marc Chagall

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