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The one with kapower

Everyone knows I'm a disaster area.
But even more than that, everyone KNOWS I'm a disaster attractor in the kitchen. I prefer to see it though as my calling in becoming a survivor chef.

Who else would 'grill' burger patties and hashbrown in a 2 piece toaster? Yes, I am very proud of this statement. Now if only I can convince my mum it is an achievement worth her crying for and exclaim, "My genius daughter!'

But we can only win certain battles.

So imagine my shriek of delight when I found Maggi Mash. 

Practically you just add the mixture to boiling water and in 30 seconds it's ready to eat. To buy or not to buy? Me and curiousity is a very bad combination. When temptation calls, you just got to answer it. (this does not include temptaion of the flesh/seduction/manipulation. ONLY FOOD.)

So which flavour did I buy? Garlic and black pepper of course. I was keen on sour cream & chives but the thin brother was adamant on choosing something less  ... explosive. 

So there i was, a  ^o^  cow over the moon. In musical terms, I skipped back home while the goat was playing beautiful music on his violin.

Heck, was I wrong.

The result was a weird smelling yellow mush which when you scoop using a spoon and swing a couple of times will drop with a soft 'plop' back to where it first came from.

And the worse thing was? It was a serving for four. But only I, the knight of the foodie table was standing firm in the kitchen while the thin and babyface brother scattered as the unraveling of the smell hit their noses.


Since when have I ever backed down in the name of food?!
This is the one who ate that meat curry my grandma cooked using fish curry powder!
This is the one who ate meat that could be used as a murder accesory due to its hardness!
This is the one whom my mum says I will not die of starvation if I were to live elsewhere!

*sobs* So I ate it.

And it was good. It was as good as that lemon chicken my dad brought us to eat at some tribe eating place in that neighbouring country. In summary, it was a s good as weirdness can get.

But even I, the knight of the foodie table can't eat 4 servings. And since I have no living pets to manipulate on finishing it, I had to discard it in the most sensitive way ever.

Let this be a lesson to all curious minds, never ever let curiousity gets the best of you.

Which reminds me, I have yet to get that ready-to-eat paneer butter masala. Yummm ..... paneeeeeeeeeeer ......

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