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The one with the soundtrack Part 1 ...

We all go through moments in life that instead of making us happy, makes us sad and maybe a little lost on hope. If given a chance to compile a soundtrack of life's down moments, what would it be?

I would start with a MOURN DOWN followed by a NUMBNESS followed by SLAP YOURSELF. A 3 parter cd collection that would grace your cd player.


Now, to go back to being a hippity hop person you normally are, we first have to get all those toxinc out of your system. (e.g. a cheating ex, siblings stealing your food, your mum recording over an episode of yr favourite soap before you get to watch it...) In other words, you got to let those emotions out. And what better way to do that than to cry it out, wail it out.

WARNING: MOURN DOWN could be extremely addictive. So take in small doses if you're a beginner. If not, go crazy just don't tear your hair out.

1, Sinead O' Connor - Nothing Compares To You.
Blast it on full mode in a dark room with candles. Do it alone or onlookers might think you're into cult activities.

2. N'Sync - Gone
This is for those boy band loving humans. A pretty mild choice for this category Goes well on headphones.

3. Colin Ray - If You Get There Before I Do.
A country song. Never underestimate sad country songs man. Powerful lyrics with easy music.

4. Radiohead - Creep
Yes, we all are creeps.

5. The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
"I like to know that your love is a love I can be sure of..." 

6. Skeeter Davies - End Of The World
A great classic sing-a-long.

7. Hank William Sr - My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate)
The grandpapa of sad, wretching country music. Get the whole album!

8. Johnny Cash - Hurt.

9. Foreign sad songs.
Foreign songs give you a vehicle for extremely sad, tragic imagination. Listen and make their song yours. Some examples;

Sigus Ros - All songs.
Gokhan Ozen - Dayanamam, Birtanesisis, Duman Gozlum, Heyseyim Dur Gitme
Nancy Ajram - Entah Eih
Ungu - Demi Waktu
Dewa - Pupus, Kosong, Dealova
Search- Isabella, Lara Tari Pencinta.

A word of advise, its best to just close your eyes and sing aloud or rather sream aloud to it.  But then, you would have to memorise it. So it's up to each individual. Get your best depressing songs and go hibernating.

We will follow up on Numbness soon. The period where nothing matters anymore.

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