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The one with dreamy dancing.

It's funny how sometimes outsiders can size you up in just a matter of minutes.


Me and Gad was waitting for a certain lecturer outside the VSS since they are deeply immersed in a meeting. ( We joked that perhaps there will be no bonuses for this year.) The VSS by the way was located behind the main building which is then located a 2 mins walk by sand

It's a bit like the house on the beach, that is if you're being imaginative.

Anyway, there we were, sitting on some stone fence glancing through a pictorial book when a pregnant lecturer self invited herself to join us. Browsing, flicking through the pages of the pictorial book, we gave comments like we are well known critics. We analyse and compare on the different breasts on view  Stopping at certain pictures to comment on how guys in the picture can't be trusted.

Gad: But how can you know?

Me: Look at the nose baby. Look at the nose. The more refined, the more you should turn away. They would leave you sooner than you think.

Mystery Pregnant Lecturer: *chuckles* That's not entirely true. .... Ok, maybe it is true. Handsome guys like that spells trouble. Take it from a married lady. Never jump into any wagon with any Tom, Dick or Harry. They would push you down while the wagon is moving.

Me: Listen to that Gad. Hop into a Volkswagen instead.

So back to browsing and flicking till Gad remarked for the third time;

Gad: That is so your kind of guy Kitsch.

And she was right. On all 3 counts.

MPL: You're into dreamy guys I see.

Me: *turns and blinks* Dreamy? No,no.

MPL: Yes, you're into them. I can see it. You go for those guys. Something like ... those bollywood heroes. Saving and romance. A guy that would go all out for you. Maybe a poet. You would go well with a fine arts student. They are the dreamiest kind.

That set me thinking On the train ride back home my wheels keep on turning like that Proud Mary song. 

Big wheel keep on turnin'
Proud Mary keep on burnin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river

Dreamy guys? Let's evaluate.

The past choices have been dreamy alright.

1) Dreamy eyes.
2) Lopsided, dreamy smile.
3) All wear glasses. Except for 1.

But one thing does not gel. None have anything to do related to the arts industry. Well except for 1, he who is without glasses. But for sure, all have something to do with computers.

Now if only I could find a glasses wearing, bollywood inspired hero, studying/working in arts and are into doing some lifeguard duties with me, we could be in business.

Come to think of it ... maybe there is.

Tags: bollywood, dreamy, heartbreak., love
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