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The one where a lover leaves ...

A failed relationship is never easy. And nothing can explain the hurt, the agony and the unexplainable feeling you feel inside, wrenching your heart, slowly killing it.

But after all the hurt  start to heal and after you can smile again, one thing will hit you bad. And that is loneliness. Loneliness is the greatest enemy on can have after a failed relationship. It can also however be the greatest friend. A friend for you to know yourself more, a friend for motivation to get back that relationship.

I'm feeling hurt.  I can't stop crying. I tried, but it just dropped freely without me noticing sometimes. And when it does, my heart wrench in pain. 

We ended things on  light level. We joked on future lovers. I told him to not resort to an arranged marriage. He told me to find someone near to me. I told him I want a spaniard. He told me I have big nostrils. We were happy for that last 2 hours together. I felt loved. I fall in love again with his smile. I told him he has a beauiful nose. He told me I was the most beautiful one. 

He did a funny rendition of Bryan Adams, the song that I told him I always wanted someone to serenade me with. And then it's over.

We will always have the videos,
the wholeful archive of pictures.
the wholeful memories,
of when u blew a hurried kiss in a crowded cafe
of when u said I look beautiful when my hair was a disaster.
of when I made the puppet show of my mashis,
of the many times u threatened to murder him.

But most of all, we will always have 13.
Thank you.

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