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The one with the virgin's orgy.

I just had my first orgy!  ^_^

Literally of course.

Now, I always am a little apprehensive of wearing new articles of clothing in public because they always bring adventures my way.


In a span of one day, I ran to submit my final dissertation (Yes, it's done!), got a freaking leg cramp while leaping up the bridge due to lack of sleep and reached there 8 minutes late due to some wrongly printed pages.

Yes, it was like a moment in the apprentice where Donald say his famous words, except in my case it was,


Another case of so near yet so far. Beaches! But hey, let's pray it'll be ogay since she put the timing as 4pm on my slip.

Back to orgy matters, I was freshly awoken frm deep slumber in the train back home yet again and was minding my own business, standing there, yawning waiting to go down the escalator when,

in front of me was a turkish family (assuming from the luggages and the way they look). *is this a sign by the way?* when the 2 females of the group, whom I assume is the mother and the aunt looked behind and peruse me.

Yes, peruse and yes I was awake albeit all that yawning.

And yes, they were talking to each other while looking at me. Possible reasons I could think of:

1) They were thinking of stealing my scarf since that was the new article of clothing I was wearing so it is indirectly the cause of everything.

2) I'm cute. They wanna make me into the daughter in law of the family. (The guy is hot, but the father is waaaay hotter.)

3) They know Snowball back home but that is a faaar stretch.

4) They just simply hate me

I like to think as no.4 as the cause because 1) I don't wanna go home naked without my scarf, 2) I like the father more than the child so 2nd wife is not an option for me and 3) Just an impossibility.

Anyway, since I'm not a wax figure in Madame Tussards, I moved away to the back of the line. And yet they keep looking. I wanted to shout some naughty words in turkish but since all I know is pic, I decided against it. 

I am after all civilised, or am just plain lazy to pick a fight.

But the real part of the orgy begins when I was going down the escalator, an chinese man fainted/fall down and landed right in front of the end of the escalator hence blocking the pathway resultng in everyone to fall.

20 seconds from falling, I was stil thinking of ways on how to not fall, forgetting for a moment that I failed my standard broad jump and I can't fly.

Beaches. What is a girl to do. There are arms flailing all around, bodies creating a heap in front of the escalator, luckily I was saved by a student who hold my hand.

While getting up, I saw the faher of the turkish clan smilling at me. ^_^  Meanwhile the orgy was getting bigger and bigger. I seriously wanted to laugh but thought against it. Finally the chinese man was saved from all the bodies that is crushing him and he smiled sheepishly when asked if he was alright.


Unable to hold the laughter ,I quickly fled the scene of the crime. 

Running, cramps, turkish family, orgy, just tooo much for a Monday.

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