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The one where hormones need some spanking.

I should be asleep by now. But I was reminded suddenly of Hugh Grant's ass in Music and Lyrics and I can't stop laughing silently. Add to the recent book I'm reading, Man and Mouse and I just have to write this.

What physical traits attract you to a man?

Me, I find myself drawn lustily to certain physical traits.

1) The ass. (as if you did not see this coming,)
The ass! The buttcheeks! the shaking of the rumba!

2) The BIG hands.
Let's just say, avon romantic novels, Lord Dain and big callous hands are just too sexual.

3)The accent
Hee Hoo Huum. Sexy man.

4) The voice.
Now, I like either too damn manly(bass) or super weird for a man. 

5) The way he says "Honey Baby"
Now if you wanna know if he's meant for you, ask him to drawl out honey baby in his most sexiest voice.

6) The smile.
That joker from batman smile turns me on BIG TIME! As in Big and full of happiness.

and finally, the WOW! factor for me is ...

7) The nose.
Waawaaweewah! I have a fetish. I use to dream of sucking a guy's nose. Prefarably a broken man's nose. Cause it makes him look so sexy! Big Time!

RIght, 2am is definitely my horniest time. ^_^

*I sound like Borat. >_<*

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